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First Zionist Congress in Basle Switzerland 1897

February 20, 2024

S i g n s o f T h e T i m e s .
October, 1897

J E W I S H S I G N S .

T H E    L A T E    Z I O N I S T    C O N G R E S S    A T    B A S L E

has come and gone. It is an event which will make a deep and indelible mark in history. How far reaching it may be, no one can yet see.

For three days Jews assembled from all parts of the world and discussed the great problem of their near future, giving rise to prominent “head-lines” of the world’s newspapers, such as, “The Return of the Jews to Palestine,” “Jerusalem for the Jews,” “The New Jerusalem Congress," etc., etc.

The mere fact, quite apart from what was said and done, is most significant as a “Sign of the Times.” It is quite impossible to devote sufficient space to give our readers even an idea of what took place. It must suffice for us to chronicle the final results.

I. — A central Executive Committee of 23 members is...


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The Advent of the New Moses

February 3, 2024

Signs of the Times.
September, 1897.


“ THE    ADVENT    OF    THE    NEW    MOSES.”

Such is the title of a long article in THE PALL MALL GAZETTE [an evening newspaper in London] of July 30th [1897], giving some significant telegrams from Vienna, and recording an



The Correspondent of the PALL MALL GAZETTE, after describing the man and his surroundings, says,

“He means he found a colony up-to-date, which will know nothing of the solitary unaided pioneer or of a virgin country without civilization, law, and rational government. Sheridan exclaimed that he had finished his play when he had found his plot—he had only to write it. In the same way. Dr. Herzl will have acquired and opened up the land before the colonization proper takes place.


“For founding the Jewish State,” said Dr. Herzl, “ my plan might be styled a Jewish Rhodesia, but with this difference, that within a year or so of Palestine being acquired from the Turk I shall have a million colonists in the country."

“How is that possible ? ”

“We shall first send an exploring expedition, equipped...


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Coming Zionist Congress

February 2, 2024


August, 1897



In the first number of the Welt, Dr. Theodor Herzl’s new Zionist paper, he boldly expresses his opinions on the coming Congress and what it may effect. He points out that the Congress has not been summoned to raise an antiChristian agitation, but to enable Jews to consider a purely Jewish (juestion— the solution in many countries of a difficult problem. "'We do not,' he says, ‘hide our heads in the sand ; the Jewish question exists, and it is becoming worse from day to day ; where it is not to-day it will establish itself to-morrow.' How wide are the effects of persecution, and how bad the situation actually is, cannot be accurately known. These are the facts that are being brought together, and these facts the Congress will review in order to arrive at a correct solution of the difficulty; Of course, the central idea will be the return of the Jews to their fatherland, and this is to be done by negotiating with the Sultan, and the support of the powers, not troubled by Jewish difficulties, for the settlement of the...


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January 30, 2024

July, 1897


Both these terms are in common use to-day in speaking of the popular and significant movement in the Jewish Nation. The former is the more ancient, the latter the more modern.
The love of Zion possesses a wonderful hold on the Jewish heart. Zionism and Nationalism are not identical. The one turns to the past, which it would feebly restore, the other looks to the future, which it would strengthen and idealise. The one seizes on the passing phases of Jewish life, the other fastens on the eternal phases. The one thinks of restoration, the other of accomplishment. The one lives on memories, the other on hopes. The one throws itself on the material and the physical, the other on the spiritual and the religious.


An important meeting has been held at Liberty Hall, New York, which was well! attended, to consider the formation of a new Zionistic Society in that city. Amongst those present were ex-Register Ferdinand Levy, Dr. Pereira Mendes, Rabbis Kopfstein, Klein Drachmann, Dr. G. Appel, and Herr M. Singer, Editor of the Toleranz [magazine]. It was resolved amid great enthusiasm to form...


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January 30, 2024

Signs of the Times.
June, 1897
J E W I S H S I G N S .

T H E    J E W I S H    C O N G R E S S.

A writer in the JEWISH WORLD (magazine) thus sets forth the present aspect and prospect of the Jewish National idea :

“Zionism has entered upon a new phase of its existence! A great thought that for centuries was the dream and the ideal of all Jewish souls, the Zionist ideal was crystallised some fifteen years ago. At the outbreak of the terrible persecutions of the Jews in Russia and Roumania, influence by Hess’, Kalischer’s and Pinsker’s work and by the rapidly diffused, strongly developed Jewish literature, in all parts of the world there arose men whose eyes were opened to the idea of re-colonising Palestine. Everywhere groups were founded of men who united in crying 'return to theHoly Land.’

"Dr. Herzl on whom the sun of happiness has always smiled, a favourite in society, a favourite within the Austrian reading public, occupying a prominent position in the social and literary world, who seemingly had drifted far from Judaism, suddenly avows not only his...


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Modern History of Israel 1897

January 30, 2024

J E W I S H    S I G N S .
May, 1897
A    Z I O N I S T    C O N F E R E N C E .

A correspondent of THE JEWISH WORLD [newspaper] writes :—

“I am desired to announce that preparations are being made for the holding of a representative Zionist Congress at Munich, on August 25th next.

"The preliminaries have been settled by well-known continental Zionists, prominent among whom is Dr. Th. Herzl, who, as many others, has been struck with the necessity for combining the several Zionistic movements, and for giving shape and direction to their ideas.

"The details so far settled are that the representatives of all the countries in which Jews reside shall meet at Munich on the above-mentioned date, and during a session lasting three days, shall discuss the all important questions that so deeply affect Jewish interests, the Zionist ideals to which the masses of Israel so zealously and so per sistently cling.

"Everything will be done to render this Congress, the first to be held by Jews as imposing as its discussions will be of importance to Israel. In order to give...


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Signs of the Times - Jewish Signs - January 1897

January 22, 2024

S i g n s    o f    T h e    T i m e s.

J E W I S H    S I G N S .

April, 1897

M R.    H O L M A N    H U N T    O N    T H E    “ S I G N S    O F    T H E    T I M E S .”


In the JEWISH WORLD (newspaper, July 31, 1896), Mr. Holman Hunt, in a long communication connected with the restoration of Israel, wrote the following weighty words on the general signs of the times. It is very significant that such a subject should become the common newspaper topic of the day. Mr. Holman Hunt says:---

“My friend, Mr. Henry Wentworth Monk, whom I met first in the year 1854, in Palestine, has ever had the disadvantage of being far in advance of his age. People thought him a visionary then for proclaiming a vast idea, from which, since, more practical and limited men have plucked off branches, and claiming these as their own, have so made great reputations. It would take too long to particularise...


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January 5, 2024

Signs of the Times
March, 1897


“ R E P A T R I A T I O N .”

This is the title of an article in the orthodox Jewish organ of Philadelphia, THE JEWISH EXPONENT. And it gives us


“Israel’s past centres about Palestine. Does Israel’s future also point Zionward?

“It is with some high truths and ideals not otherwise than with vice, as described in Pope’s famous lines: —

“‘Vice is a monster of so frightful mien
As to be hated needs but to be seen;
Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
We first endure, then pity, then embrace.’

“The average Israelite, especially in this country, if the subject of a restoration of Palestine to the Jews be spoken of, will characterise it as an absurdity. Yet when he finds this question taking hold of serious-minded men, of statesmen, and princes, as well as orators, poets, preachers, and thousands of his oppressed and unhappy co-religionists; when he finds that practical steps are proposed to bring this dream to a reality; and when he sees certain tangible results already achieved in that direction, he, too, perhaps, will...


Tags: antisemitism, emancipation, herzl, jews, palestine, pinsker, repatriation, russianjews, salisbury, signs, turkey

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January 3, 2024

J E W I S H    S I G N S

From THINGS TO COME, A Journal of Biblical Literature, February, 1897.

M  U  L  T  I  P  L  Y  I  N  G      S  I  G  N  S.

Those who are in their place as watchmen (Ps. 130: 6) can tell by various signs that Israel's morning is about to break. Among them, Rev. David Baron mentions:— :

1. The wonderfully rapid increase of the people themselves during the present century. Two hundred years ago, according to the greatest Jewish historian, the total number of Tews in the world did not exceed 3,000,000; now there are probably not less than 12,000,000, the present increase of Jews being in proportion to that of Gentiles, as three or four to one. See Exodus 1: 12. where the increase of the nation was the precursor of its redemption. The Jews are not merely a nation of the past; indeed, there never was a time when they manifested more wonderful vitality than now.

2. The animosity of the nation against Israel— see again Exodus 1: 12, last clause. So now we have the anti-Semitic movement, the object of which is to...


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Signs of the Times - Jewish Signs - January 1897

December 31, 2023


Signs of the Times
January, 1897

“ T H E    F U T U R E    OF    J U D A I S M .”

If we were to express our own thoughts on this subject they would be without significance. But it is when the above and similar headings appear constantly in the Jewish newspapers that we can measure the importance of the subject as a remarkable “Sign of the Times." The Jewish World [newspaper] has an interesting article under the above title, and says :— 

It is well to recall at the present moment, when the question of the future of Judaism is being so energetically discussed, the opinions held by such a writer as David Kaufmann. In his work on “George Eliot and Judaism,” he discussed the views of Mordecai: “the sons of Judah have to choose, that God may again choose them.” Says Kaufmann : “It is more by the question of the future of the Jews than by the enigma of their marvellous preservation that public reflection is demanded. Is the end and result of their glorious history to be their fusion and disappearance among the nations of the...


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