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The sessions you will read about here were in fact conducted and completed. We had a response of sixteen people who came from three counties, and we believe people were helped in their understanding of the Scriptures. On our part they demonstrated how that the Bible can not be taught either proficiently or sufficiently in smal sperts, as we, now adays, are accustomed to haing in our churches.  It takes considerable time and effort on the parts or both teacher and pupil to thoroughly teach the Scriptures. 


If you missed these sessions, you may still contact us about Bible-Literalist Institutes Courses !! 


In-depth Bible Instruction Sessions.


Bible Institute and College Level Instruction, but new Christians will benefit.


Fundamentalist ; Premillennial ; Dispensational ; King James Bible.


Serious Course of Scripture Study, Including :


Dispensational layout of the Scriptures ; Premillennial Bible Interpretation.

Jews, Gentiles, the Church of God-What are the differences ?

Prophetic Themes ; Israel and the Jews in Prophecy ;

Where is the Body of Christ in Prophecy ?

Scripture Inspiration and Preservation ; Redemptive Themes.

Justification ; Sanctification ; Glorification.

The salvation of the soul ; salvation of the testimony ; salvation of the Body.

Much, much more.


*          *          *          *

No psychology ; no religious philosophy.

No "new thought" ; no modernist methods.

No Rick Warren or Dave Wilkerson philosophy ; no "Maga-Church" philosophy.


*          *          *          *


"What the Bible actually says, not what it is presumed to say."


Instructor: Veteran independent Baptist Missionary R. E. Patenaude, Th.D., V.D.M.


Forming classes NOW, July, 2015. 

Cost: Your time, gasoline, your own notebook and pens, a few textbooks.

No set tuition or fees !

Love offerings Basis (a box will be set out during classes); if helped, be honest with the Lord to help the continuance of the school.






(In the old section of English; up the hill going south on S.R. 237 from the Lucas Oil Golf Course area.) 

For information:

Tel: 812-755-4822 or 812-844-8019.