Bible-Literalist Writings of Robert E. Patenaude

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We are Bible-Literalists. Simply put, we believe that the Bible should be approached and studied from the position that God says what He means and means what He says.

We come from out of the Bible with a position of Normal-Literal Interpretation.

The Holy Spirit uses figures of speech in the Scriptures of Truth. People who are not using the Bible to build a religious system, not interpreting the Bible by the traditions of men, and believe that they have in their hands the very Words of the Living God, will have no problems with the figures of speech in the Bible. The Bible contains a "spiritual" language, in which the words are purified and preserved by the Holy Spirit (Psalm 12:6, 7).

Where the context in any given passage does not indicate the use of a figure of speech, the passage is to be taken literally, even if the contents seem very odd to the natural mind (see 1 Corinthians 2:14). There are in fact some very odd things in God's creation and in God's Kingdom. For example, Heaven itself contains many things that would be odd and frightening to the world and to those who do not accept Jehovah, the God of the Bible. We believe in angels, and that there are other "beasts" (see Revelation 4:6) and heavenly creatures, all created by God.

We start with one Bible, not a multitude of variant modern English publications all labeled as Bibles on the bookstore shelves. We start with the King James Bible, which we firmly believe to be the Preserved Words of God for the, obviously, English speaking world in these end-time generations. And we read it, believing that we are looking at the very words that the Holy Spirit intended us to have.

Then, we approach the King James Bible intending to believe the words literally. So we believe in the Genesis account of creation literally, for example . . . "In the beginning God created . . ." No naturalistic evolution, no theistic evolution; GOD CREATED.  See our page on Doctrines.

We move from there, through the entire Bible to the Book of Revelation using the same literal approach. Doing so, we come from out of the Bible believing that It is a Premillennial and Dispensational Book. We therefore observe the distinctions in God's dealings with three distinct peoples: the Jew, the Gentile, and the Church of God (1 Corinthians 10:32).


On this site you will find pages containg booklets, pamphlets, tracts, and articles written by us and by others that reflect a Bible-believing position. We hope that all of the contents here will stir you to becoming a scholar of the Bible. Our earliest serious writing was undertaken in 1983, and the same work has been revised over the years. That work is FOUR CHURCHES, our first booklet offering in these pages.

The tracts on these pages are evangelistic in nature and are suitable for copying, printing and distributing. Pamphlets herein will range in subjects from evangelism to Theology to practical Christian living, and issues concerning the ministry.


My wife, June, and I were both saved the evening of December 6, 1977 in Homestead, Florida. We believed upon Christ, and that His Blood Sacrifice on the Cross was fully sufficient and satisfied God (Isaiah 53:11) for the redemption and reconciliation of every sinner. That evening, we, under the convincing of the Holy Spirit, became satisfied with the very Remedy that satisfied God, and Reconciled the World unto Himself. We knew then that there was no more condemnation (Romans 8:1), and that we were Justified (Romans 5:1).

Only about two months later in February, 1978, God called me to preach the Gospel and the Word of God. I began preaching immediately on the streets, in jails and in nursing homes. In April, 1978, I preached the Scriptures to a church congregation for the first time, in Perrine, Florida. God used my pastor to direct me to study through Open Bible College (Millbrook, Alabama), and I graduated with a Bachelor of Bible degree in May, 1983. By 1996, I had completed the Master of Theology and Doctor of Theology degrees through Andersonville Baptist Seminary (Camilla, Georgia). God graciously allowed me to pastor a local church in Florida for five years. Since 1987 we have been involved in itinerate evangelism and church-planting missionary work that has taken our family to China, Russia, and the Philippines. (Please see our What's Current page.)

We welcome you to all of our pages, where will discover where we are currently, how to contact us, and some of the things that we have written over our years in the Lord's work.

May our Lord richly bless you is our prayer.


Our Family

My wife's name is June, and we were married in May, 1976. We have been blessed by the Lord with seven children, the oldest being 37 and the youngest being 13 years old. Our eldest five children are now on their own, three with families of their own. They are all in the Lord's service, for which we are very grateful. One son, our third child, is with the Lord in glory, and there is a tract in these pages that tell a part of his story.

Our family experiences, our experiment with raising a Biblical Christian family, has contributed several volumes to our writing, and from-time-to-time you will see material in these pages on the home and family, child-rearing, and home schooling.

Writings of Sister June Patenaude

June Patenaude writes extensively on the home, Christian family, child-rearing and discipline, personal modesty, and other subjects. We will often include articles from Sister June in these pages. We invite ladies to write to her.

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